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Discover More Thousand Indonesia Halal Product.

HIITS 2023 presents numerous carefully-categorized products, encompassing from Food & Beverage, Moslem Modest Fashion & Lifestyle, Textile & Accessories, Retail & Franchise, Halal Culinary, Islamic Arts & Home, Food Packaging & Technology, Muslim Friendly & Hospitality, Halal Travel & Tourism, Beauty Cosmetics & Personal Care, Medical & Healthcare, Islamic Education & Books, Agriculture, Media & Recreation.

The Ideal Place

81% of exhibitors were satisfied with increasing or maintaining their brand awareness

Huge Market Potential

The best place to network with buyers, traders and professional visitor

Attanded by 30.000+ potential visitor

89% of exhibitors were satisfied with their overall experience at the show


is an ideal platform and a meeting point

For top Agen /Distributor /Wholesaler /Manufacturer/ Brand Owner /Online Agents / Online Retailers /Importer/ Exporter

Indonesia The Future Halal Market Hub

Indonesia is one of the largest consumers of Halal products globally, with 11.34% of global Halal expenditure.

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